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The BEST night of the year is when our community gathers together for the Alliston Relay For Life!

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"The Fam" ~ Meet Your RFL Alliston Leadership Committee

Meet Your Committee Meet Your Committee

FRIDAY, JUNE 13th, 2014

Check out the Canadian Cancer Society Website for Relay!!

The Power of OneThe Power of One

What is the Power of One? It is a very simple, yet very powerful fundraising concept. It’s simple because we can all do it. It’s powerful because like all our work with Relay For Life, our individual success is a direct contributor to the millions of dollars we raise to fight cancer.

How simple is it? It’s as simple as recruiting just one more participant to your Relay For Life team. How much impact can one person have at Relay For Life?

Let’s do the math: in 2011 we had 5,468 Relay For Life teams across Ontario. The average participant raised $293.49. If every Relay For Life team recruited just one more participant, our total revenue across Ontario would increase by $1,604,803 – over $1.6 million more for the fight against cancer!

5,468 teams x 1 person x $293.49 = $1.6 million Wow!

More dollars for the fight: Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that one small action can have an impact in the fight against cancer. But, if each team added just one more person, we could help raise an additional $1.6 million. And, that will make a BIG impact! The results will save lives and improve the lives of people living with cancer, through life saving research and local programs that help people with cancer and their families.

One small action – one huge impact: We know you have already worked very hard to recruit as many people as you can for your Relay For Life team and we thank you for that effort. To help recruit that additional person, try the following:
Turn all your team into recruiters. Explain the Power Of One to your team members and ask them to help you find that one more team member. If there are nine of you on a team and each of you asks just three people, that’s 27 more people who have been invited. You now have a team full of potential recruiters!
Keep asking. If someone joins your team in the final weeks before Relay, they still have time to raise major dollars for the fight against cancer. One Relay participant in Renfrew County managed to raise more than $1,000 in just six days!

Become part of the Power of One today!