Team Spirit

Relay is on Friday, June 12th, 2015

What does it take to be a Relay For Life Team Captain?  What do you need to do?

It takes someone who can bring together a group of people. Family, friends, co-workers…neighbours. It takes a person with a desire to fight back and the will to make it happen. Teams range in size from 4 to 24!  Each team is made up of people with the same goal in mind – working towards the end of cancer. Each team comes to Alliston Relay For Life to celebrate, remember and fight back. Talk to your people, share your desire to create a team with friends and make a date to hang out with people who have the same desire as you, Friday June 12, 2015.  Include everyone who has been touched by cancer – including the Survivors in your life.  Let them know we want to celebrate another year of THEM in a big way!

Come up with a team name. Team names range from inspirational and motivational – to determined and funny. Use what works for your group –  if you need help with names, use the internet. There are some pretty awesome names out there and one name could lead you to the perfect name for your group!

Register online at As Team Captain, you register yourself and create your team online. The cost to register is $10.00 (price may be subject to change for 2015 so register early).  Once you register you can register your team or invite them to be a member of your team and send e-vites.  A link in the email will make it easier for everyone to register online.

From this point on its about having fun and sharing your excitement!  The online tools make it easier to ask for donations – allowing friend and family to support you by pledging online.  When pledges are received online the donor receives their receipt immediately in their email.

You will receive a team captain kit which will contain some luminary forms, envelopes for collecting cash donations and SCRATCH CARDS!  This is a new tool to help teams raise money!  This clever tool makes it easier to approach friends and family to donate, and especially helpful for younger Relay participants.  When a card is completed, $100.00 is raised in support of Relay For Life!

Fundraise as individuals and fundraise as a team!  Work together to come up with ideas to raise money and awareness. Your Alliston Relay For Life Steering Committee is here to support you – you need ideas, ask. You have an idea, share. You have a fundraiser, share it so we can share it on Facebook.

Relay For Life Alliston is a community event, one of the largest community events in our area. We come together for one night each year, as strangers and acquaintances and leave as friends. We spend 12 hours together around a track, CELEBRATING the success of another year, REMEMBERING the battles and determined to FIGHT BACK against cancer. We invite you to join us, as a team captain or team member. We invite you to share this night with the Survivors in your life.

Are you ready for the first step? The Canadian Cancer Society website.

Please don’t be intimidated and feel free to contact the committee if you run into problems.

Click to view this great YouTube video from the Canadian Cancer Society about the Relay For Life!

Team Meeting Slide Show Available Online!
If you would like to view/download the informative slides from our 2012 Team Meeting, you can do so by clicking here.